Sun Belt Home Watch Services
Watching and maintaining your home when you are away!

Most Home Inspections in Arizona Include:

Platinum Service:


Monthly home inspection: Sunbelt Home Watch Services will go into your home one time per month and go through an extended check list to assure you that your home is in good condition and all fixtures are operating properly. ($35 for standard home) If you choose to have us inspect your home more than once a month; see below more more pricing options. Discounts will apply when you choose multiple inspections each month!

It is most common to have the services completed 2-4 times a month.


  • A Platinum Home Inspection Would Cost and Include (Based on a 3 month contract)
      • $35.00 One Visit to the Home Each Month
      • $30.00 Bi-Weekly Visits to the Home.
      • $25.00 Weekly Visits to the Home


• Air Conditioning checked for proper settings and operation.
• Check refrigerator & freezer for proper operation, or mildew if it is turned off.
• Run dishwasher and garbage disposal for proper operation, and to prevent gaskets from drying out.
• Faucets will be turned on and water run through sinks, tubs, showers.
• Flush toilets to prevent dried gaskets and water rings.
• Doors and windows will be checked to make sure they are closed, locked and no forced entry or vandalism has occurred.
• Check for mold, mildew, and signs of interior water leaks.
• Inspect electrical panel for tripped circuit breakers and reset.
• Check and reset appliance timers after power interruption.
• Collect and Forward Mail.
• Check smoke detectors for proper operations.
• Inspect ceilings, doors, and windows for leaks.
• Remove all unwanted flyers and newspapers.
• Your home will be opened up and ready for your arrival and closed and secured upon your departure.


• We will start/run your car upon request
We can also drive your car around the block a few times.
• Visual check for pests, rodents, and insects.
• Visual inspection of exterior of home and grounds.
• Check exterior lighting.
• E-mail pictures on request for damages and required repairs.
• Check on landscape, pool maintenance, and pest control contractors.
• Change and Replce Air Filters and Lightbulbs (additional cost may be involved)
• Referral program for repairs and maintenance
• Notification of inspection results

After each inspection.
A. No problems-e-mail confirmation or post card if you don’t have e-mail.
B. When a problem is detected requiring immediate attention, You will be notified by phone. After contacting your vendor to make the repairs or we will refer and contact someone for you from our preferred vendor list. You will be billed by the repair contractor directly.

  • Extended Home Watch Services That Can Be Requested

  • The typical cost of any extended services will be $25-35 per hour

  • Requested home maintenance: Sunbelt Home Watch Services is not a construction company, but we can do many general handy man services, and minor home repairs if requested. ($35 per hr. 1 hour min.)

  • Newly purchased home fix up: Sunbelt Home Watch Services can assist you after you purchase your new home by installing light fixtures, ceiling fans, and even minor plumbing fixtures. We can also do minor paining projects, or refer a professional paining company ($35 per hr. 1 hour min.)

  • Weather related inspection: If you have been in Arizona for a monsoon you understand the damage that can occur. Sunbelt Home Watch Services will contact you if there is unusual weather and visit the home if requested. The heat can cause damage to your home, and by alternating the airflow we can help minimize that damage.

  • Meeting with contractors: We can meet with any hired contractors that you may need at your home such as pool service persons, landscapers, plumbers, electricians, cleaning services, and others. We will supervise the work as requested at a rate of $25 for the first hour $20 per hour thereafter until the service is finished. If requested, we will meet with these contractors so they can provide estimates of the service required. ($25 per hour)

  • Work with realtors: Putting your home on the market? Sunbelt Home Watch Services can work with your realtor to make sure everything is done to make the home ready for possible buyer inspections.

  • Make unannounced rental inspections: If you are renting your home while not in it Sunbelt Home Watch Services can make visits to the home whenever you request, Because of Arizona law, we can only check the exterior unless the renters allow us in.

  • First contact for security alarm: Sunbelt Home Watch services can be used as the first contact for your security system monitoring company. In the event that your alarm goes off for any reason, we will quickly proceed to your home and meet with the police or fire department. Sunbelt Home Watch Services will then fill out all the paperwork, and secure the home resetting your alarm system once the emergency services leave.

  • Standard Home Watch: Sunbelt Home Watch Services will visit the home as many times as you like to assure that your home is secured. We will remove any notices or advertisements that may have been left at your door and if requested we will also enter the home for a walk through.

  • Utility interruption home security: Sunbelt Home Watch Servicescan keep in contact with the utility companies. If you utilities are interrupted for any reason we will contact you. We can then go to the home and reset alarms, timers or check gas appliances, if any have been affected.

  • Insurance company requirement: Some insurance companies require proof that your home is being watched. Sunbelt Home watch can do this by providing you with time stamped photos and reports on the schedule you create.  

  • If you need any services not mentioned above just call and ask! Anything is possible!

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